(hopefully) all the information you need!

In an effort to address any questions you may have, read through our FAQ. If there's something we didn't answer, shoot us a message!

What is Pa'ina by Ocean?

Pa'ina by Ocean is an online platform committed to Culinary Inspiration, Agricultural Awareness and Accessible Food. What does that mean, exactly?

On this website, we feature cooking tutorials and recipes to hopefully get you inspired in the kitchen. We visit purveyors - our farmers, ranchers and fishermen located on Hawai'i Island - to share their stories with you so you may learn more on where your food comes from. Lastly, we've curated an Online Farmer's Market where you can shop fresh produce with just a click of a button.

What are Pa'ina Bags?


Each week we curate convenient produce bundles that include a variety of fresh, local veggies/fruit and one (1) specialty protein item (i.e. Big Island Beef, Portuguese Sausage, etc.). Pa'ina Bags vary in price between the $25-$35 range based on inclusions. These Bags are big on value and Ocean often posts cooking tutorials utilizing produce included in the bags. Sorry, there are no substitutions allowed on items included in Pa'ina Bags out of support for the featured purveyors that week. 

Can I purchase other produce aside from the Pa'ina Bags?

Of course. Check out our entire Online Farmer's Market for available produce. Keep in mind that if an item is featured in the Pa'ina Bag, produce may not be available as a side. 


How do I shop your Online Farmer's Market?

On this website, click on our SHOP page to view all available produce and our weekly Pa'ina Bags. Our Online Farmer's Market is open for orders each week from Wednesdays through Saturdays. Pickups are always on the following Tuesday.

Simply scroll through to view available produce. Add to shopping cart and checkout. It's simple and works just like any other online store except we don't ship - you pick up!


shop online

Shop our online store each week from Wednesday - Saturday. Upon check-out, you can pay by credit card, submit Venmo payment or opt to pay cash at pickup. 

(Store will not be available on all other days)



Be sure you receive an email confirmation for your order. Confirmations are automatically sent upon a successful purchase.



Pickup your order on the following Tuesday! Drive up, stay in your vehicle and we'll bring your order to you!

Waimea and Waikoloa pickup locations available. Details will be provided on your email confirmation.



Enjoy your fresh purchase!

Get creative in the kitchen and pat yourself on the back for supporting your local farmers & purveyors!


Waimea Pickup

Waikoloa Pickup

How do I know where to pickup?

When placing an order, you will be required to tell us which location is best for you - Waimea or Waikoloa - upon checkout.

How do I pay?

When checking out, you may pay online with a credit/debit card or you may select the "Pay with Cash" option. Your order will be processed but you won't be required to pay until pickup day with cash. You can also select the pay with cash option but instead remit full amount due via Venmo to @paina-byocean.

Why can't I see and/or purchase produce on your Shop page? 

Are you visiting our Online Farmer's Market on a Wednesday through Saturday? If not, chances are our Online Store is closed. We only accept orders Wednesdays - Saturdays.

Can I just email, DM or call in my order?

Please... no! We receive an overwhelming amount of orders weekly and our website allows us to streamline and monitor inventory. For your benefit and quality assurance, do us a favor and place all orders online. For kupuna or for those without access to the web, we will surely make an exception.

You had a certain produce on your site last week but I don't see it this week. Why?

We're glad you liked that item but our store changes weekly based on what the purveyors have available and need to sell. Unlike grocers or your typical market, we don't require certain produce our small farmers/ranchers/fishermen. Rather they tell us what needs to move and we help them do so. 

There's an item that I want but it says "Out of Stock". Does that mean I can't order it?

That's exactly what it means :) Again, our purveyors set their quantities so once sold out, it's gone for that week!

When do I pickup my order?

We have designated Tuesdays as our weekly pickup day. Why? Because most of our island farmers harvest on Mondays. This means we can get you produce just hours later! Our pickup times and locations are always the same (should it change, we'll be sure to blast that information!):


Waimea (Church Row): 11:00am - 1:00pm

Waikoloa (Waikoloa Community Church): 3:30pm - 4:30pm

How does pickup work?

Remember... you must place an order the week prior! Simply show up during the times listed above at the location you selected. Drive up, please stay in your vehicle and we'll come to you! We will ask for your first and last name - be sure you give us the exact name you provided on your order! ​That's it! We'll bring your order to you and you can drive away happy! Below are maps detailing pickup routes -please follow :)

I can't make pickup... can someone else pickup my order?

Sure! Just be sure they provide us with your first and last name (or whatever name is on the order) upon pickup. 

Oops! I missed pickup altogether! What now?

We understand life happens. No worries. Shoot us a quick email at painabyocean@gmail.com. We'll figure out how to get your produce to you that day. 

I live on another island or on the mainland... can you ship to me?

We're sorry. At this time, we do not ship fresh produce. We're solely based on the Big Island servicing our island communities. 

What about Hilo or Kona pickps?

We love ya'll too! However our pickups are designated to Waimea and Waikoloa only. If you can, visit us at these locations! Otherwise, shoot us an email and we'll recommend other awesome CSA boxes/companies based in your communities!

I placed an order but now (for some odd reason) I don't want the produce. Can I get a refund?

We try to avoid this at all costs. Please be mindful that upon placing an order, we commit these numbers to our purveyors. Any refund will come out of our 'ohana's pocket. If it is an emergency, let us know and we'll work with you. 

I saw a "Flash Sale" on your Social Media. Can I still purchase and why isn't it online?

Our Flash Sales are solely based on our Instagram page @painabyocean. Sometimes fishermen and farmers contact us with produce so fresh with a short "shelf life" (i.e. fresh fish), so we run "Flash Sale Campaigns" where orders are taken over Direct Message. Most Flash Sales sell out immediately (our record = sold out of 'ahi in 10-minutes!), therefore if we update the post with "Sold Out"... sorry!


Is produce on your Online Farmer's Market all local?

99.9% of the time... absolutely. We only work with purveyors based on the Big Island and majority of our farmers are located right in Lalamilo, Waimea. For the other .1%, keep in mind that we occasionally work with Big Island based businesses/distributors who need help moving produce, too. This could mean that their items are from neighboring islands or abroad. Rest assured that if something is not Big Island grown, we'll add a disclaimer to the product info page. 

Is produce guaranteed?

We're glad you asked! Prior to our weekly Farmer's Market going live, each purveyor tells us what they can supply and we then open it up to you! However a lot can happen over the course of a day - we're never in control, mother nature always is! Wind, rain, soil conditions, rough waters, etc - our purveyors face the elements. While very unlikely, there are chances that produce you purchase may no longer be available by pickup. Should this happen, we will let you know ASAP or upon pickup. We guarantee, however, that we will replace unavailable items with something of equal or greater value. If that doesn't meet your satisfaction, we will refund you for that item.

By shopping on Pa'ina by Ocean, you agree and understand these terms. 

Okay, I picked up my order but something's not right. I'm missing produce or received something different. What happened?

Ugh... we are so sorry! Sometimes we wish we could turn into super Amazon-like packing machines but we're only human :( Chances are we overlooked an item. Please just shoot us an email at painabyocean@gmail.com or if you know we're still at our pickup site, feel free to come back. We'll make it right. Just know it wasn't intentional! And we appreciate kind emails :)

How do you choose the farmers/purveyors you work with?


Honestly, we're grateful that they choose us! We started with just JA Farms, Rincon Farms & Hamakua Mushrooms for our initial pilot week. Each time a new farmer, rancher or local company reaches out, we're happy to see how we can help. Keep in mind that our mission is to help the "little guys", especially farmers/ranchers who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic with no other outlet to move their produce. 

I'm a Big Island based purveyor and I want to partner!

AWESOME! Please send us an email at painabyocean@gmail.com and let's talk story! 

Is Kamaha'o Ocean really just 14-years old?

Yup. He was born on March 14, 2006.

Does Ocean want to be a Chef when he grows up?

As of right now, that's his dream! His goal is to attend CIA (Culinary Institute of America) in New York City.