Ali'i Mushroom Smoke Meat

Smoke meat is a staple in my house and it's an all around local favorite - chances are you will find this dish at most parties and gatherings everywhere in Hawai'i!

With this dish, it's all about the smoky flavor of the pork that is first marinated and then smoked in a smokehouse for hours at a time. For our smoker, we use kiawe wood to give the pork that rich, mesquite flavor.

For this recipe, I added a little bit of a twist. Typically people like to add onions to enhance the dish and to provide a crunchy texture. But what about mushrooms? Ali'i Mushrooms, that is! The heartiness and mild flavor of the Ali'i Mushrooms provides a different element to the smoke meat while complimenting - not masking - the protein's flavor. Plus, if you already have smoked meat prepared, this recipe is super simple and will take no more than 15-minutes to make!

*Note: smoked meat is still fairly raw after leaving the smoker. You will need to cook meat thoroughly before consuming. Thus, follow the recipe below!






-2 lbs Smoked Pork (sliced)

-2 cups Ali'i Mushrooms (sliced)

-1/3 cup Aloha Brand Soy Sauce

-1/3 cup Sugar

-2 Tbl Canola Oil

-1-3 Hawaiian Chili Peppers (whole, optional)


1. In a pan or wok, heat canola oil on the stove at medium heat. Coat the bottom of the pan evenly.

2. Once oil is hot (about 2-minutes), add sliced Ali'i Mushrooms and sauté. Cooking the mushrooms first will extract the water from the mushrooms; they will shrink in size and soften.

3. Once mushrooms are slightly browned (about 3-minutes), add Smoked Pork. Sauté generously to cook the smoked pork thoroughly for another 3-minutes.

4. Now, add soy sauce and sugar. Fold into the pork and mushrooms to coat and to dissolve the sugar. After sautéing for another couple of minutes, turn down heat to medium-low and let your mixture simmer for another 5-minutes or so. Be sure to stir periodically to avoid the pork or mushrooms burning or sticking to the pan.

5. Your sauce should now be boiling with "big bubbles". This shows the sauce's thickness. Now, it's time to do a drip test! With a metal spoon, scoop sauce (hold over the pan to avoid a mess) and let it drip! Sauce should coat the spoon like a glaze and drip with an ooze. This thickness will indicate you've reduced your sauce properly.

6. Remove from heat and enjoy!


Try this recipe for yourself and let us know how it goes! Tag us on your food pics on Social Media @painabyocean or send to! We'd love to feature your experiences in the kitchen!

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