Ocean's Beef Tomato (or Tomato Beef!)

Beef Tomato or Tomato Beef?! No matter what you call this dish, all that matters is that it's delicious!

Beef Tomato (as we call it) is our Papa's favorite. Like, "we need to make an entire separate pot for papa" favorite! :) Best thing about this dish is that it's simple to make. Some fresh veggies along with condiments you likely have in the refrigerator (yup, break out the ketchup!) and you're set.

It's a home-style hearty meal that can be done on a whim. Enjoy!


2.5 Lbs Teriyaki Beef (Cut into Strips)

• 2 TBL Vegetable Oil

• 2 Slivers Ginger Root, Crushed

• To Taste Salt

• 2 Whole Tomatoes, Medium Diced

1 Whole Onion, Medium Diced