Pan Roasted Kona Kanpachi with Ali'i Mushroom Dashi

A medley made in heaven! Pan Roasted Kona Kanpachi meets Hamakua Ali'i Mushrooms 😍⁣

Chef Chad & Ocean bring it home with this comfort recipe! Utilizing the top loin filet plus kanpachi bones for a homemade dashi that is infused with Ali’i Mushrooms and finished with Mung Beans and Akakai Green Onion. This dish is inspired by all of the wonderful local produce from the Pā’ina Bag 5.0!⁣

"This recipe reminds me of home. The traditional method of boiling bones to create a stock - pan roasting the kanpachi skin to a crisp. When it all comes together, it's homey. It's comforting." - Chef Chad Yamamoto


For Ali'i Mushroom Dashi

  • Kona Kanpachi Center Bones

  • 1 Cup Ali'i Mushrooms, chopped

  • 1 Gallon Water

  • Mushroom Soy Sauce, to taste


For Pan Roasted Fillets

  • Kona Kanpachi Fillets, portioned into 2 oz servings

  • A good amount of Canola Oil

  • Mung Beans, to taste

  • Green Onion, julienne to taste

  • Salt & Pepper, to taste



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