Seared 'Ahi Ginger Poke

Poke is a staple in our home, and undoubtedly a favorite amongst many local families! We all have our favorite recipes but for this post, Ocean puts a spin on your average poke!

Fresh ‘ahi topped with a little fresh ginger, green onion, traditional seasonings & sizzling oil - this is a recipe for seared poke perfection! Oh, and if you love ginger chicken, we're sure you'll enjoy this too.



  • 1/2 Pound Fresh ‘Ahi Tuna, Poke Cubed

  • 2 Tsp Inamona

  • 1 Drop Sesame Oil

  • 2 TBL Ginger & Green Onion Mixture*

  • Sea Salt, to taste

  • Vegetable Oil, to sear



  1. In a mixing bowl, combine ‘ahi, inamona, sesame oil and sea salt. Transfer into a heat safe bowl or serving dish.

  2. Spread ginger/green onion mixture to top the seasoned ‘ahi. Set aside.

  3. Meanwhile, place a pan on high heat and add vegetable oil. Once oil begins smoking (this will only take a minute or so) carefully drizzle hot oil over the ginger topped ‘ahi. Sizzling will occur and ‘ahi will slightly sear.

  4. Garnish with fresh cilantro, serve, enjoy!

*Ginger/Green Onion Mixture: place equal amounts of crushed fresh ginger and chopped green onion on a cutting board. Sprinkle with sea salt to season. Mince all ingredients while folding together to create a fine mixture.



To see this recipe in action, watch Ocean's tutorial below:

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