Live Kusshi Oysters - Kona Cold Lobsters (One-Dozen)

  • Kusshi Oysters (Kushi oysters) are a Pacific Northwest oyster from one of the British Columbia oyster appellations. The flavor profile of kusshi tends to be very clean with a delicate flavor. Smaller in size, they are similar in taste to Kumamoto oysters, although they tend to be a bit more briny. It can take up to four years for the Kusshi to go through its special cultivation process and be ready for market.


    Provided by Kona Cold Lobsters, this special order is for one-dozen (12 pieces) of kusshi oysters grown and harvested in British Columbia. 

  • *Kusshi Oysters are not native to Hawai'i. These delicious oysters are provided by local vendor, Kona Cold Lobsters, however are grown and harvested in Vancouver Island, BC.


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