Pā'ina Bag 19.0 - Customize Your Bag!

  • Have it your way with the Pa'ina Bag 19.0! Each bundle comes with our base of island grown veggies and you select your proteins! Here's what's included: 


    VEGGIES (Included):

    • 1 lb - Kamuela Tomatoes (Kawamata Farms)

    • 1 Piece - Kona Dragon Fruit (Cal-Kona Produce)

    • 4 oz - Sunflower Sprouts (Lone Palm)

    • 1-2 Heads - Baby Romaine (Hirayama Farms)

    • 8 oz - Mixed Greens (JA Farms)

    • 1 Bunch - Cilantro (JA Farms)


    PROTEIN OPTIONS (Choose One):

    • SURF & TURF: 1.5 lb Pacific White Shrimp (Kona Cold Lobsters) + 2 lbs Big Island Ground Beef (Double D Ranch)
    • GON' COUNTRY: 1 - Portuguese Sausage Link (Country Flavah) + 2 lbs Big Island Stew Beef (Double D Ranch)
    • MIX PLATE: 2 lbs Pork Spare Ribs (Kulana Foods) + 2 lbs Big Island BBQ Beef (Double D Ranch)
  • *Please wash all produce thoroughly before consuming. 

    *By shopping on Pa'ina by Ocean, you agree and understand that produce availability is subject to change after purchase. In the unlikely event that a farmer/vendor is unable to supply an item, we will notify you prior-to/upon pickup to discuss alternate produce options or a cash refund for the item.