The Pā'ina Bag 20.0

  • Here's what's included in the Pa'ina Bag 20.0:

    • 4 lb Whole - Kona Kanpachi, Gilled & Gutted (Blue Ocean Mariculture)
    • 3 oz - Kona Caviar, Umibudo (Symbrosia)
    • 8 oz - Ali'i Mushrooms (Hamakua Mushrooms)
    • 1 Pc - Daikon Radish (Rincon Family Farms)
    • 2 Pcs - Kamuela Tomatoes (Kawamata Farms)
    • 8 oz - Mixed Greens (JA Farms)
    • 10 oz - Mung Beans (Lone Palm)
    • 1 Bunch - Green Onion (Yamamoto Farms)
  • *Please wash produce thoroughly before consuming.


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